Design Justice: Center people who are too often marginalized by design


Via Nick Sellen, developer of Karott, I found the great Design Justice website:

From the About page:

We use design to imagine and build the worlds we need to live in — worlds that are safer, more just, and more sustainable.

We advance practices that center those who are normally excluded from and adversely impacted by design decisions in design processes.

We do this by following processes and creating work that is rooted in shared principles of design justice, growing our network of design practitioners and advocates, convening to maintain and deepen our connections, creating critical publications, and curating exhibitions.

Design Justice is based on a set of 10 Design Justice Principles (I encourage you to read them from their page, but have copied them below):

  • We use design to sustain, heal, and empower our communities, as well as to seek liberation from exploitative and oppressive systems.

  • We center the voices of those who are directly impacted by the outcomes of the design process.

  • We prioritize design’s impact on the community over the intentions of the designer.

  • We view change as emergent from an accountable, accessible, and collaborative process, rather than as a point at the end of a process.

  • We see the role of the designer as a facilitator rather than an expert.

  • We believe that everyone is an expert based on their own lived experience, and that we all have unique and brilliant contributions to bring to a design process.

  • We share design knowledge and tools with our communities.

  • We work towards sustainable, community-led and -controlled outcomes.

  • We work towards non-exploitative solutions that reconnect us to the earth and to each other.

  • Before seeking new design solutions, we look for what is already working at the community level. We honor and uplift traditional, indigenous, and local knowledge and practices.

(Note: This is a crosspost from Humane Tech Community, Image credits: Tamra Carhart)