Categorisation, tagging, default appearance

(Jdittrich) #42

After working a while with one and the other, I prefer the original categories+ latests posts instead of the current latests post


  • With categories it visually looks more structured/tidy imho
  • Most importantly, the categories show which topics are usually discussed, giving an immediate overview for beginners. (Who, in contrast might be overwhelmed with only many recent posts)

(Graham Perrin) #43

Thanks, can the order of categories change dynamically (in response to activity)?

If the order must be fixed, then it might be good to demote (from second and third places) the two that are empty. And then review the order, a few weeks after things gain momentum.

(Graham Perrin) #44


[quote=“jdittrich, post:10, topic:21”]I am fine with tagging … non obvious (I could not find out how to do it)

The screenshot here should be enough to help you get started:

A few weeks ago I identified a site that planned to implement tags, wondered whether their plan was implemented, it was not – “… So far categories have been sufficient.”.

Here in the Open Source Design forum, tags might become useful. I imagine project-specific tags, and so on.