Call to Action: CHAOSS DEI Interview Campaign with Underrepresented Groups

Hello everyone,

The CHAOSS DEI working group is curious about the effects of CHAOSS DEI metrics on underrepresented groups in open source. We are carrying out this research to improve the quality of the diversity, equity, and inclusion metrics we capture. Any designer who falls into this category and is interested in this initiative can contribute their time via our brief online survey (7 minutes).

The information gathered from this survey will be kept anonymous and will not be connected to any other sources of information. All questions are completely optional.

The CHAOSS DEI working group is evaluating the potency of the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) metrics among underrepresented groups in open source communities. This study attempts to comprehend the relationship between current CHAOSS DEI measurements and DEI practices in open source communities. Learn about the impact of existing DEI measurements in real-world situations, particularly for underrepresented groups in open source. Learn new metrics and methods for measuring DEI and identify gaps to be addressed in current DEI metrics.

Many thanks for your participation in advance.

Survey Form - (Link here)


Hello @Anita-ihuman

Welcome to the community. Would it be helpful for us to Twitter about this research? if so, let us know.

Is there a “definition” of what underrepresented means? Or would you like people who self-identify to complete it?

We’d be interested to hear about the results at our FOSDEM devroom in February if possible. We enjoyed your colleagues talk last year.

All the best with your research.


Thank you, Bernard.

Sure, I would really appreciate it if you could help tweet about this.
I am sure we can reach more members of your community who fall under this target audience.

The questions in the survey allow participants to self-identify.

Oh, awesome. The CHAOSS community will present the results upon conclusion. Also looking forwards to presenting it at the FOSDEM devroom.

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Great @Anita-ihuman

How about this for tweet text:

The CHAOSS DEI project is looking to improve their understanding of the diversity, equity, and inclusion in Open Source software communities.
They’re interested in hearing from underrepresented groups. They’ve got a short 7 minute survey here:

Looks OK?

We’d love to hear your findings at FOSDEM 2023. Best of luck!

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This sounds great, looking forward to FOSDEM 2023 :grinning: