Branding LibreOffice 6.0

So far no proposal was submitted for the branding of the next LibreOffice version as requested in and To start the discussion I’d like to share my idea about hexagons. Unfortunately drawn very badly from the technical perspective - and maybe as well not really creative. Pretty sure you can do much better!

The source made with LibreOffice Draw can be loaded from


I like the hexagon idea.
Some associations:

  • The number 6 (that was easy)
  • Honeycombs
  • Bubbles (which form various kinds of (mostly irregular) hexagons
  • Games (some use a hexagonal pattern for the fields)
  • Lenseflares

And since a cube is a hexagon from a certain perspective, here are some ideas on that:

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Cool geometric design. Buovjaga suggested to use a Sierpinski pattern (hexagon of course).

When you go the green hexagon route, how much do you want to play on nodejs’ branding?


Though I really like @jdittrich’s last suggestion. I like it as a “things fit together” imagery.

Edit: Uhm, so the “system user edited this” and things are slightly off, I’m tracking this here:

More cubes (6 of them):


@Heiko Pardon me for asking a very elementary questions. What purpose does the motif serve?

I’m guessing that it has traditionally been used as a way to differentiate one release from another in a decorative way. If so, how open would the organization be to dropping it altogether and focusing instead on cleanliness? Here is why I think you should consider doing so:

  1. Any symbolic value is nominal. It is difficult to identify symbols for abstract ideas like freedom, transparency, openness, etc. that transcend cultural boundaries. If this is the objective of the motif, it will almost certainly be lost in interpretation.
  2. It detracts from the brand. A geometric motif that changes from release to release is at best to be forgotten with the next release. At worst it is distracting from the most important shape to the brand, the document icon. Why risk diluting your brand for something so transient?
  3. It’s out of fashion. Imagery that serves a clear purpose is never out of fashion, but elements that primarily serve some decorative purpose fell out of favor several years ago. The brand will feel more contemporary without what amounts to a wallpaper.

I know this isn’t why you posted this project, and may not be what you want to hear. But I think the LibreOffice brand would benefit most from tasteful subraction, and subtle refinement of its core brand assets. I’d be willing to contribute some visuals to illustrate what I mean by that, but I’d first like to know better why as a new contributor my opinion is wrong. :slight_smile: Please tell me more.


Very valid concerns and you are definitely right and I will add ‘use the original motif’ to the proposals. About the brand we do have a unique logo that never chances and a clearly defined color table. And we are about to start design task to get a mascot. Any of your input is very welcome.


I really like the tranquility of this design. Office suites feel work-like and tedious.

This was a nice little visit to a mental pond with lilies before the program starts.
If they move and flow a bit, it would be even more organic. I suppose they could appear and fade in some sort of natural arrangement.

If one of the leafs align with the cut of the page (which btw has a pixelfault out to the right on the dogear)
and maybe shares the aspect of edges being equally long to something found in the icon, then it ties together.

Pond, existing colour, lily, herbarium, icon.

To complete the story: we had a voting at where @jdittrich’s design won. Now we are finalizing the idea for the technical demands Many thanks for all input.

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