Adapting the Enough logo for NextCloud / favicon.ico / stickers

They are not happy with the PDF I converted. Because:

  • the size provided is wrong (it should be height 30mm)
  • it is RGB and they require CMJN (is it the same as CMYK ?)
  • the cut color which is currently #ff00ff must be black

I was able to change the cut color to black. But got lost trying to figure out the size & CMJN :slight_smile:

[quote=“dachary, post:21, topic:711”]

  • it is RGB and they require CMJN (is it the same as CMYK ?)

Yes! It’s just the french translation of CMYK, I believe it should be ok to use the regular CMYK profile.

I uploaded an updated .svg and .pdf. The zipfile is called
Please let me know if any more issues :slight_smile:

I read the requirements on printoclock and the only thing I couldn’t find is how thick the black line should be for the cut color. Right now it’s 1pt which is the norm… I hope that won’t give you any issues but let me know and i’ll fix it for you.

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Here is the StickerMule proof based on your design. Looking good. They should be delivered next week. :tada:



The PDF works fine for printocolock: it no longer complains about CMYK :slight_smile: However… it also requires a separate PDF that only contains the 1 pixel cut. Can I trouble you with this as well?

ok, I uploaded three docs - .pdf with .75pt (1px) - let me know if that doesn’t work, illustrator was being difficult. :roll_eyes: I also include a .pdf of just the hexagon cut color and the .svg with the proper cut line stroke (1px). :slight_smile:

I’m excited!! :smile:

Excellent: this time, with the newest files you provided it does not complain and the order was placed. Only 100 stickers to verify. This is not cheaper than stickermule but … if the result is good we can order in quantities for cheap (5,000 stickers for ~100 euros).

To be continued in two weeks time, when the orders are delivered :slight_smile:

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Sweet! please keep me posted :smiley:

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Stickermule batch arrived and they look good! They are a little too big but… that’s the smallest they can do. Also received a notification from printoclock that their batch of hexagonal stickers was shipped today :tada:

woohoo! I hope you’re happy with the quality, I love stickermule’s stickers for that reason :slight_smile: Bummer about the size, but if the printoclock ones are smaller, you’ll have variety for people which is also nice!!

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Yes, it is very good quality. And I knew in advance the sticker would be too big but was curious to see how it looks when printed, to compare with printocolock. To be continued!

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