User story mapping

I just read and noticed that there’s a book on user story mapping by the same author, Jeff Patton: . I’ll probably listen to this podcast episode on the topic:

To give you something visual, here’s the “Story Map Concepts” page from which i linked from the list of resources at


What do you think? Do you have experience with user story mapping? Do you recommend it? Thanks!

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I used it.


  • It needs to be relatively clear how a user need is going to be addressed, so the activities are not like “identify in a secure way” or “write on invoice” but “provide password” and “write an invoice via mail”
  • You need lots of space


  • very useful to get common alignment
  • transparent display of how activities and details and slices are connected


  • As said in “precondition”, the technology/approach needs to be clear. This is because the method does not provide a help for transitioning between user goal/persona (technology agnostic) and activities that are concerned with technology and approach. The method can give the false impression that it does provide a transition there but it needs to be done elsewhere.
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Something I like to try is Impact Mapping which seems to work on it’s own but also together with story mapping.

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@jdittrich do you find the Goal - Task - Activity model by Cooper (as in his book “About Face”) helpful to get from larger goals down to (also technology related/dependent) activities? Maybe it fills the gap here?

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Yes, that would be a way which is also similar to what Impact mapping tries. I find it a bit difficult that it assumes a hierarchical relationship between these, but it goes into the right direction.