Unclear if the "Site feedback category" is about the Discourse site or the main website

(Philip Durbin) #1

Perhaps About ‘Forum feedback’ could be clarified if the “Site feedback” category refers to this Discourse site itself of the main Open Source Design website. I know that the “Site feedback” category is auto generated and I’m going to guess that the team behind Discourse assumes that often Discourse is the only site for a community.

(Jan-Christoph Borchardt) #2

Good call! Changed the name to »Forum feedback«. Does that work? :slight_smile:

(Philip Durbin) #3

Yes! Thank you! It’s much more clear now that this category is about the Discourse installation, not the main website.

(I know where to give feedback on the main website: https://github.com/opensourcedesign/opensourcedesign.github.io/issues .)

(Jan-Christoph Borchardt) #4

(Sean) #5