Thoughts on designing a legally compliant cookie banner

In a UX StackExchange forum post [1] someone asked how to design a cookie banner. I answered the question quite comprehensively to the best of my design, legal and developer’s knowledge.
Feel free to read and use it. I’m gladly looking forward to receiving constructive critique.


I like it, makes all sense to me!

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I’d love to see more push-back to the question about whether all those cookies are needed in the first place. What does the company gain from those non-essential cookies? Is it that important? Can you live with some basic stats from server-side analytics and those essential ones? Could you live without cookies at all? How about just the minimum GDPR-compliant basics coupled with monthly user interviews?

I am pretty sure that there are a lot of sites that could easily live without 99% of cookies. And then the banners might not be necessary, or they could be much less obnoxious.

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What I would love to do is running an AB test where to see how much the banner itself decreases engagement with the page. However, one would need some proxy metric as one would still need a cookie to directly track the no-cookie-condition (although no personal information would be gained from that… so maybe one can do it…?!)

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Thank you for your comments. I edited my post to include your thoughts.