Jobs - Design of Badges for different XMPP Compliance Levels

Role: Logo / badge design

A set of badge icons in SVG format for all combinations of Category (Core, Web, IM, Mobile) and Level (Core, Advanced).

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I can see how a color coded solution similar to this might be a good direction:

(just messing around a bit)



In how far does this need to propagate over to Microsoft for others to read? Is activity on this forum even followed by interested parties?

I must admit I missed your feedback initially. I’ve now seen it, and will poke the people-of-interest within our community.

Also: That looks pretty nice! :slight_smile:

I really really like the first design. Maxbe add the year next to the XMPP name though :slight_smile:

Hi @mray. Sorry for the huge delay. After community response, in our Board meeting today we’ve decided your design over the other applications. Can you contact me at for further steps?