Designing for Digital Transparency in the Public Realm

Came across this interesting initiative by Sidewalk Labs(Google):

It’s about exploring a design language to communicate privacy concerns in the public realm in the physical world (yes…real things you can touch and feel!..I just noticed there’s a lot of it around).

I come from a background in architectural design and this is an interesting intersection of disciplines. Would love to hear from people in UX what they think. From a personal experience additional signage (however pretty they may be) would not be met with an enthusiastic response as the primary objection would be ‘that is only ever gonna be understood by a small fraction of people’. The positioning and sizing can be a whole another discussion (which I am assuming is not that big of an issue for software?).

They have done a great job documenting their research.
For people interested, they can check out their blog post and/or their Github page.

Not a UX person, so please pardon my ignorance but I still find it amusing how that small triangle on a silhouette is the primary guide for avoiding a whole lot of embarrassing situations but it almost universally works!

Thanks for posting @amit.lzkpa

All design is connected, so posts about other design disciplines are most welcome here :slight_smile: