The Lounge: Or Secret Communications

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I fully agree with @elioqoshi here. The mentioned topics, CoC violations and technical administration should be private and I assume everyone will understand. But for all other things I experienced it is good practice to be open.

I would assume that there are good reasons for the discourse team to suggest private areas (as mentioned by @studiospring) however, it this makes sense will largely depend on communities that use discourse and their cultures. And in the current culture of OSD it seems to make sense to only restrict if clearly necessary.

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The Seed candidates category (to the left in the screenshot that I shared a couple of days before this forum went live) includes a topic that will be of interest to you, @victoria-bondarchuk. It’s already cross-referenced with your GitHub content but not yet ready for publication.

(Bernard Tyers) #24

I disagree Graham. The OSD community has been running for the past 4ish years and I have yet to see any rush on how we’ve done things. In fact quiet the opposite.

We know how we communucate. In public.

I do urge you to read thru our GH issues to see how we got to where we are. Also read the “history story”. The idea to " create" OSD came a out on twitter. In public.

With respect, you lack knowledge of how we’ve operated over those years and as a result to me, it seems you are rushing to change our behaviour.

Sure we’ve all been in communities where things went sour, but so far it hasn’t happened with OSD and i’d like to say (no imperical evidence obvs) a contributing factor has been our openness. But since everything is public on GH you can go see!

Without wanting to get into person all discussions (really I don’t) you seem to be making a connection between transparency and lack of privacy.

I can understand where you are coming from, but I disagree with you.

I have to say I feel the tone of our collaborative way of communicating seems to have changed. I hope it comes back.

I’d like to request all these discourse messages to be public.

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If I could give this a hundred likes I would. Great point, @evalica!

Categorisation, tagging, default appearance
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I realised today, some things that were previously easily visible to the public are now effectively invisible.

Those things are no longer found by searching, but can still be browsed if (for example) you bookmarked them before they were hidden.

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Hmm, does archiving something remove it from search? Then that’s not really what I intended.

(Graham Perrin) #29

@simonv3 hi, thanks for asking, your archiving of this topic was not a problem, as far as I can tell.

With or without logging in, it’s possible to seek and find keywords. for example, finds your openness in that area –

– incidentally @simonv3, please be assured that my raising of this archived topic will not be an attempt, by me, to dissaude you from openness. Openness was, still is, amongst the things upon which I place great value :slight_smile: