The Art of Open Source in Environmental Sustainability

Hello, Open Source Design! :wave:

I’m the founder of We’re a free and open source project that empowers the open source community in the areas of environmental sustainability and climate change. We do both marketing and data science for the whole open source ecosystem. In collaboration with, we’ve created a dataset that might be of interest to this community. It’s a collection of images from all READMEs of all active open source projects in this area on GitHub. The images of the individual projects are a great way to show the relevance of Open Source/Open Science in environmental sustainability to a wider audience. That’s why we’re looking for a data designer/artist to take on this dataset for possible exhibitions, apps, collages, etc. This can be done outside our community or we can support it if you want us to. The following website will open all images in a single webpage. This may take a long time to load, or might kill your browser tab. :partying_face:

If this is interesting for you please contact me. We can also provide all the metadata like licences, topics, organizations, etc to the images.

What do you think might be the best way to present such data to a broader audience?