Sticker Order for Summit and beyond

Hi folks,

Stickermule kindly sponsored Open Source Design Summit with 750 USD sticker credits! This is enough to cover some great swag until FOSDEM next year! It would be great if we can gather sticker ideas and files here which we can order afterwards.

e.g: @dmichl suggested to create Hexagon stickers which I think is a great idea.
Keep in mind that we can also create magnets, buttons, bags and similar things, have a look yourself to see if there is something we can use:

  • For FOSDEM, we used roughly 1500–2000 stickers
  • The sticker size is 92 cm, and since Stickermule has a minimum of 1 inch per side it would be 4.51 inch.
  • Cost for that seems to be $709 for 5,000
  • That seems to be good for the summit and to have some stickers for everyone to spread locally, and for FOSDEM. That’s already it.

I’d be totally fine spending all the money on just those normal stickers. A few hexagon stickers are fine as well, but since we’re still relatively new, ideally it has the logo with text on it.

Regarding magnets, buttons, envelopes, bags and such, personally I really don’t think we need it or should produce it. Design is also about sustainability, and stickers are already bad enough but at least are widely utilized and great for long-term promotion.

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Please specify what you mean with sustainability as stickermule stickers and mailers are biodegradable and recycable:

In any case, I’d generally agree with that notion, especially since we printed in our last batch at Ura some ‘vintage’ OSD stickers, magnets and buttons and can throw them in.

I’d suggest that:
45% go for normal stickers (black on white)
45% go for inverted stickers (white on black)
5-10% go for hexagon stickers (with text)

For FOSDEM, we used roughly 1500–2000 stickers

Holy cow, I didn’t know that.

What do you think about this for hexagon stickers?


(sorry for triple post)

This is the total amount we can order with the credits which is higher than expected:


So 3250 each for both normal and inverted horizontal sticker
and 410 hexagon stickers.


Stickers are made of PVC, which is made of petroleum, a fossil fuel. (The referenced videos are about the boxes and the tape, not the stickers. And I’m not saying that we shouldn’t do stickers at all, just be a bit mindful of which kinds and amount of swag we produce. :slight_smile: )

Yep – it’s a pretty ridiculously high number, which is why I mentioned it. People seem to like us. :wink:

Not sure about the inverted stickers, looks a bit off and normally the “bordered” stickers have a white border. We can try them out but I’d go for a lesser amount?
The hexagon sticker amount seems good. Design is also good, but maybe the icon should be a bit bigger – it does get lost in the black a bit? (Yes yes, “make the logo bigger” ;D)

So considering the amount we need for FOSDEM, and that the normal sticker is our standard logo, I’d go for more an 80-10-10 distribution. What do you think?


Also @dmichl check out @elioqoshi’s design for the hexagon sticker since you want some hexagon stickers. ;D


Just because white borders are usually used doesn’t mean it’s the ideal solution necessary! People preferred our inverted stickers at Ura and Open Labs mostly because they disliked the white borders. So I’d consider them on par honestly. Also, printing 50-100 OSD Summit Stickers for attendees might be a good idea . I’d think more of a 60-30-7-3 at least.

That would still put us at roughly:

Or alternatively we can also do a test run for the inverted stickers and see how they perform. 70-20-7-3 maybe?


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Sounds good to me :+1: Thanks! I’m also fine with the 60-30-7-3

What do others think? @core-group and everyone else?


It would be good to print some OSD Summit 2018 stickers. I’m not sure of the number so I’ll go with whatever you all decide.

I agree with @jan - make the hexa OSD logo bigger, it does get lost in the black. And also can you make it pop? All logos need pop :boom:.

In terms of the split between the numbers, either 70-20-7-3 or 60-30-7-3 is good.


Sorry was “off the grid” last week. Love the Hexagon stickers, but agree the symbol should sit bigger within the hex space.

Now, I just need to figure out how to get my hands on them :smile: Also the EFF asked for a batch to hand out at their EFA events etc… so at some point I’d like to ask if someone can ship some for myself to have in NY and then I can forward some to EFF as well.