State of Open Source Design 2018

Hi folks,

At Ura, we have been discussing about creating a report which highlights the state of the Open Source Design movement and community in 2018. It would describe the current state of everything Open Source Design, including individuals, organizations and software practicing Open Source Design, the health of the community, progress made, potential threats and potential opportunities in Open Source Design.

This would hopefully serve in 2019 as a good way to raise awareness of Open Source Design and convince projects and organizations to adapt similar values important to Open Source Design (hence the importance of the Manifesto)

This would be in a similar fashion (but more lightweight due to limited humanpower and hours) as the
Mozilla Internet Health Report or the Wikimedia Annual Report

We hope to gather basic data by the Summit and additional data after it. If you’d like to be involved, please feel free to jump onboard.


I’m interested.

We’ve drafted an open source healthcare focused version here:

It’s in its early stages and needs TLC.

Open source isn’t what it used to be and is… in trouble.
More emphasis on closed patents (vs patent + open license), actively killing OS community participation as part of big corporate culture, etc. Time to get the word out on how to infuse new life into OS. This needs its own discussion, probably in the manifesto thread++.

Again, my attention is piqued with OS Design.
It’s vibrating around OS Healthcare.


@elioqoshi this is a very interesting initiative. However, I think it’s important you clarify the subject of Ura’s report. Is it design in FOSS? Or is it the Open Source Design group? I think the former would make for a much more interesting report. In it, Open Source Design would be just one of the initiatives working in design and FOSS, but hopefully not the only one.



This is a very interesting point as I was discussing with @jan the name of OSD the other day, as there is Open Source Design (the collective) and Open Source Design (the methods).

The report is planned to be more about Design in FOSS / Open Source Design processes, so indeed OSD (the collective) is one of the things. This would include work folks at GitLab, Mozilla, Nextcloud and of course Open Source Design (the collective) do. It’s supposed to be a broad overview of Open Source Design in communities and industries.

I wonder if it might make sense to refer to Open Source Design as a collective to distinguish from Open Source Design as a method? That’s another meta discussion though.

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Thanks @juhan! I agree with your points, I hope to see your input in the manifesto as well :slight_smile:

I propose to call the collective OSD (oh ess dee) and the method Open Source Design