Penpot Fest 2023 is about to open registration!


Right now I’m drafting the newsletter announcement for Penpot Fest registration process that should go out tomorrow (fingers crossed!). It’s Barcelona, it’s June 28-30th, it’s a gorgeous Gothic venue plus plenty of hanging around time (and talks, and workshops, and parties, of course… but also really lengthy chill out times). We’ve put aside 30 early bird tickets for only €100. You get the welcome party at a Modernista palace, amazing food, access to the two tracks of talks and workshops, the sunset Catamaran cruise on Thursday evening and really cool swag before we part ways after Friday lunch.

I wanted to share this here first.

I also wanted to share a basic principle from the organising committee at Penpot Fest. We’d love to have the active members of the OSD community to simply come and enjoy the event without the need to give a talk or prepare a workshop or be bothered with any organisational burden. You deserve it! That doesn’t mean we’re not open for more talks or workshops (contact me directly) but we really want for a lot of people I know here to just purely enjoy their time at Penpot Fest.

I’ll make sure to post the link to the Penpot Fest landing page here the moment it goes live and then you can judge whether you want to take advantage of the early bird tickets or not.

Major themes for Penpot Fest will be the furure of designer-developer collaboration, open source/open standards for design, open source AI for design&code and some very cool Penpot product announcements.


Registration is open! You’re the first to know!


Really looking forward to joining the Penpot Fest and hanging out with fellow open source designers. :slight_smile: See you there!