Morevna Project is an independent initiative aimed at testing and improving open-source tools by adopting them in the real animation production. As part of those activities we documenting the developed workflows and approaches to help others learn from our practices and publishing results of production as free content.

So cool, wouldn’t be nice to create some workflow tutorials for Open Source design tools?


Yeah, that’d be neat. What tools would it cover?

I’ve seen @elioqoshi get stuff done really quickly with what I assume is inkscape. Maybe you might have some good pointers alongside references from sitepoint?

In Taiga we use:

  • Inkscape for vectorial design
  • Gimp for bitmap edition
  • Krita for illustration (not using it anymore in Taiga but is being used by some colleagues)
  • Synfig for animation (but was a bit complicated for our need and SVG + CSS animations did the trick)

Not sure if you miss anything but that would be a good starting point.

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I’ve used Blender for animation and also 3D prototyping, so there’s another thing.

That’s a pretty neat list, and probably something that should be on our resources’ tools section?

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I think this would be incredibly valuable as I’m still learning myself. We recently finished some exhibit signage ( completely with FOSS. The tools were:

  • Krita (concept artwork)
  • Blender (texturing/rendering)
  • Darktable (color correction/enhancement)
  • GIMP (compositing)
  • Inkscape (vector elements, print export)
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META: Shall I change the title of this post to “Open Source tools we use in our work”? It seems not to be about just Morevna anymore.

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Maybe “Open Source workflows we use in our work”?

We could open a new thread a leave this as it is since it is a good source of information for Open Source animation tools and workflows.
About our design workflows, I’d love to learn what tools do you use and how. :smiley:


Created a topic for that here: Open Source workflows we use in our work