Monthly Open Source Design call

Come join our monthly calls – all the information you need is on the monthly call event page :phone: :slight_smile:


And of course the next call is later today! :slight_smile: Please spread the word by retweeting

Possible topics:

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Hi folks. I won’t be able to make the call today. Looking forward to the notes :slight_smile:

@jan do we have the notes for the last call?

Basically all we talked about was Summit attendance, program and possible topics:

Hi Jan, just wondering if we have a scheduled call on Friday, Sept. 1. I may not be able to attend that day, but look forward to contributing as we prepare for the OSD Summit.

All best,

The call is always on the first Tuesday of the month, so the next one is on September 5. :slight_smile:

Also see the calendar at

I don’t see it on the calendar. Perhaps it might make sense to send a
general email as well, listing the time of the call?

Also we should clarify what to do if the 1st falls on a Saturday or a


It’s the first Tuesday of every month. :wink:

About the calendar, maybe try refreshing? Sometimes it has some issues loading. But you can subscribe to it.

Also, anyone is welcome to remind others to attend the call. I figure the people who care put it in their calendar. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Jan. This info helps a lot!

For the record, we will have a weekly call now for until the Summit! :slight_smile: (every Tuesday, 20:00 CEST – 1 hour later than the normal call)


hm…no one in the call. is there another link?

Hey Victoria, I think everyone got super busy, sorry :frowning:

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Hello all,

We’ve had discussions about restarting the monthly OSD calls.

They were previously on the 1st Tuesday of every month. To get an idea of consensus, please make your decision on the following question:

Do we keep the monthly call on 1st tuesday of the month, or change it?

Please vote here:

The poll will be open til next 9th May, next Wednesday evening (about midnight UTC+1).

If the decision is to change the date, we’ll make another poll to decide what the day should be.

Questions, thoughts, disagreements? Please!

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Hi all,

We’ve got 7 people who’ve voted on the day for the monthly call.

The poll will be open until this evening. If you want to vote please visit:

@evalica did you specifically vote no to moving it because you only have time on Monday?

@jan I’ve changed to Y and Maybe (old was No, because I’ve voted from phone).
Not sure what’s up with Monday, but the Tuesday is a good day for me, that’s why I’ve voted to keep it then.

My mistake, I meant “Tuesday”. :slight_smile:

So poll is closed now.

The question was:

Should we keep the OSD monthly call as the 1st Tuesday of every month?

The options were Yes, Yes if need be, or No. 9 people voted.

Number of votes cast:

  • Yes, keep monthly call as first Tuesday every month: 6
  • No, move monthly call to another day of the week: 8


Result is we will change the day of the monthly meeting.


You now have a decision to make:

What day of the week, in the 1st week of the month, do you to change the meeting to?

(An assumption is people are still OK with 1st week in the month. If you also want to change the week of the month, leave a comment with the week number, “2nd”, “3rd” or “4th”, you want to change to.)

If you want to vote, please visit:

The poll will be open til next Wednesday, 16th May.

Questions, criticisms…let me know.