Low Bandwidth Mailing List

Hey All,

I’m a UI/UX designer working in the open source ecosystem, and as I’ve been on the job hunt, it occurs to me that there are ways that I can apply my skills to improve the experience for fellow designers.

Richard Littauer suggested that I just set up a mailing list to ask for people to post jobs and to say they’re on the job market. Do you think this is a good idea?

Here’s some more context: Part of improving the sustainability of open source involves decreasing the friction that fledgling designers face with the discovery part of the job search. While job boards exist, OSD being one of them, those require checking notifications or watching a repo, both of which add difficulty to those who aren’t fully versed in the system. By creating a small opt-in mailing list, we further lower the barrier to entry and create a two way street between capable early designers and projects in need of design work.

The ask for people who opt in is to receive occasional emails from designers and designers to receive the same from projects in need. What do you think?

Thanks for your time! I feel like a bit of a newcomer here, but I also am one of the cohosts on the Sustain Open Source Design podcast, which comes from this group, so even though I am not on this forum itself often, I am deeply interested in OSD and our processes.