Jobs - UX/UI design help needed for a new file sharing project

Role: Interaction design, User interface design

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The text got mangled, here it is in a better shape:

Arbore is a social file-sharing application. The goal is to provide a way for people to share pictures/documents/whatever with their friends/colleagues/contacts privately and safely. The second goal is to reduce the dependency of people to the silo of data that are Facebook, Google, Dropbox … that trap them. In short, to provide a viable alternative solution and to help people protect their private life.

Alternative solution already exists but require technical knowledge and time to setup and maintain. In part because of that, they are not very successful. Arbore is my attempt to change that. I think that such a tool should be as easy to setup and use as VLC.

This project is already well underway and close to a working MVP. That said, I need help from people more knowledgeable than me in UX and UI design to make it really slick and beautiful. I’m just a developer after all ! Even if the current state is not terrible, it could be much better. And on a project like this, it’s the difference between success or not.


There is a lot of low hanging fruit that you can help me with:

  • UX/UI feedback and suggestion
  • UX/UI design of the remaining part of the application
  • design/marketing for the website
  • UX/UI design for the on-boarding process
  • probably some other things

How to apply:

Michael Muré - future homepage, currently redirecting to the github repository - Gitter lobby

If there are problems with the text, you can submit a PR and we can fix it.

@evalica I opened an issue for the website here:

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A precision here:
The scope of the deliverables is broad. I don’t expect someone to cover everything. I just listed them so you can see where I need help. If you want to help on a small part or just give feedback it’s perfectly fine ! Thank you

Hello! I’d like to know wether you are still looking for someone working with you on the project :slight_smile: