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Role: Logo design & branding

A vectorized logo under FLOSS license

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I am interested in taking this up

I’m interested in taking this up

Hey @digitalforus @tyga, thanks for answering!

May I ask what’s your interest in this? What do you think to do?
Is there anything else you need? I’m available here, or in private ( if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

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Hey @pep,
is there any specific type of Clusia plant that you refer Cluxia name to?

Is there any type that inspired you to give this name to your project?
Flowers, leafs?

@tomashei, not exactly. At the time when we chose the name there was no vision yet on what this service would become, it was mostly out of necessity. We mostly liked out it sounds and the fact that “a tree” could appear somewhat neutral (ecology sits perfectly fine with me, that’s also something that can be used).

Just in case, the link in the description didn’t appear properly formatted, here it is again:

My interest is to help bring in my creativity to the project you are working on through graphic design. Most especially the project you are working on requires the creation of a logo.

Thank you.

Hey! Is there anything still blocking on me? Anything more I can do to help?

Hey there! Have you heard anything more from the designers interested? You gave enough details on your need so I can’t see anything blocking from your side. I recommend checking in with the individuals interested either via direct message here on the forum or trying to prompt some contact/connection outside of this forum.

@tyga did you read the brief/details located here:

Yes I did see that. I would work on it. Once I’m done making the logo, where am I to send the logo to?

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@tyga You need to have a conversation with @pep the email address is on that same page :slight_smile:

How to apply:

[“Maxime “pep” Buquet”,

Thanks @Erioldoesdesign for clearing things up!

@tyga, I’m indeed available here or by email :slight_smile:

Hello there, I’ve sent an email with my proposal, hope it meets the direction your project takes.
More info would be appreciated though. I have a couple of questions prepared here to further develop my concepts but also improve the conversation a bit.

  1. What kind of feeling should the application have? (Formal, Creative, Casual, High-tech… etc.)
  2. What would you prefer to represent the application logo? (A character, a distinctive shape, just letters, a combination, etc.)

Sorry for the delay,

I have seen your email, thanks a lot!
While it may not be my first choice as is, I do like it and I found it really well thought!

As for the questions:

  1. I’m not sure it reflects in all I’ve been saying above, but the more I think about it the more I would like to appear as committed/engaged (as in activists). I don’t know if a logo can do all the magic here, but maybe it can help :wink:
  2. I have previously been suggested to use the Raised First and arrange it in a tree shape or the like and while I found the idea interesting, I don’t entirely like the tree as a symbol because of the trunk that could represent centralization. I’m sorry my creative skills are rather limited otherwise, I don’t have a specific visual in mind.

Thank you for your answers, it is good info as my approach is somewhat corporate-like, not so much representing the activists movement.
Also this clears up the space for the color scheme as I would go for something more “rebellious”, shades of brick-red probably along with some black elements, or maybe the opposite.
This is quite a difficult theme after all.
Will get back to you if I think of something.

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@miljkovicmisa let the wider Open Source Design community know if you want feedback and support from other designers :slight_smile: we’re here to help too!

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@pep Are you still receiving a logo? and can I just send directly to your email?

Hey, sorry I saw your email before reading this!

I did receive one from @miljkovicmisa a few days ago, nothing since then. Note that I am not pushing anyone, I appreciate that volunteers are spending time on this project.

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Hello @pep , has there been any breakthrough, are there any new ideas we could explore?
In my last reply I noted I find it quite difficult to incorporate the element of the “raised fist” for a digital application that has to do with communication, it seems to me a bit innapropriate and couldn’t find a creative way of doing so. Not much has changed sicnce but I really want to help so if there are any new comments I am happy to hear them!