FSFE track at RMLL on July 7 / 8

Hi all,
@jan told me to post my request here. I hope it is ok to open a new topic (this seems to be the normal case in here for each event)

The Free Software Foundation Europe is having its own track this year at RMLL, the biggest self-organised Free Software conference in France (https://2018.rmll.info/). We would be very happy to offer another stage for OpenSourceDesign, as we did in 2017 for the CCC. You can find the CfP here: https://fsfe.org/news/2018/news-20180414-01

This would be a good chance to present opensourcedesign to the French Free / Open community. The Deadline is already next Tuesday, April 30.

Anyone interested? if you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask.



Thanks for postong @Dreirik! :slight_smile: I’ll not make it to RMLL, but hopefully someone else might be? @belenbarrospena @Xaviju @victoria-bondarchuk @bnvk @Incabell @jdittrich @elioqoshi or who else? :slight_smile:

Would love to go but those dates are exams seasons for me so I will need to pass :confused:

@dreirik sorry we didn’t make the deadline. Hopefully next time :slight_smile:

If you are interested, don’t mind the deadline. We will still consider proposals that are sent in this week.