Editorial tools

(João Simões) #1


My name is João and I am new in the group. I work as editorial designer in São Paulo, Brazil and I am not a developer. I’m looking for alternatives to proprietary software and I didn´t find an alternative for that. Could someone help me with this information?


(Anxhelo Lushka) #2

Hello João and welcome to the group.

What proprietary software have you used for your job?
I would recommend you have a look at Scribus, one of the best publishing open source software out there. There’s also GIMP for raster editing, Krita for paintings/comics, sort of like Photoshop, and my favorite one, Inkscape, for vector creation and editing.

If you need help with any of them, you can just ask.


(João Simões) #3

Hello Anxhelo

Thank you for your answer and sorry about my late answer. I used to use Indesign for my main jobs.
One of the biggest problems of it is the constant updating of the software, so I am not able to open some archives on Scribus. I like Scribus but I don´t know what to do with my latest works.

Thank you again.