Design tooling

At the very end of episode 46 (~29:30) of the Women in Tech Show, Una Kravets says,

I think one part where we’re still working on it as a design and dev community is design tooling. No one has solved that still. There are no good tools for that yet.

Sounds like a kindred spirit. :slight_smile:

See also Free-as-in-freedom tools for Designer Dev communication and creation .

I have yet to see the talk, so for clarification: With tooling most programmers seem to mean having part of the process automatized. Is “Design Tooling” meant to do the same for designers?

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It’s such a short exchange at the end of the episode that it’s hard to understand exactly what’s meant by design tooling. The context is that they are discussing Una’s Toolsday podcast. By the way, Toolsday episode 57 starts with an awesome song about headless Chrome. I laughed out loud. :smile: