Coscup 2021 - requesting open source designs help to curate a design track

Hey folks!

One of the organisers for COSCUP reached out to me (I spoke there last year) to ask if Open Source Design would like to help curate a design track for their conf this year. Coscup is a Taiwan based conf.

I’ve asked for more details but I expect it will be similar to FOSDEM in that they take the calls for talks and we choose from the selection.

So we may need to do:

  1. Outreach for speakers to submit
  2. Support speakers to submit
  3. Host the track (perhaps alongside a native speaker)
  4. Promo

Any interest?


Super interested to submit a talk and be on the design track if needs be :slight_smile:

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Here’s the info link: COSCUP 2021 Call for Participation -- now open 議程軌與攤位即日起開放申請

And where to send your pitch:

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