August Africa Chapter Summary

Open Source Design Africa (OSDA).

Here is a summary of all our calls for the 12th of August.

Facilitator: Brownie

Note taker: Suvwe

Summary by: Toria

Attendees: @brownie, @Toria, @margy, @Suvwe @Belz

There was a reintroduction for new members and a little catching up of older members, giving room for a friendly environment and discussions.

@brownie walked us through a recap of the last meeting as a source of reminder for all who attended and to keep members who were absent afloat.

  • Goals that are intended to be accomplished in the community were discussed. Contributions and suggestions were welcome.
  • There are currently open source projects being carried out, e.g.,, which was discussed, and people were invited to contribute.
  • In addition, Victory pointed out that open source isn’t just about designing, but being active in the community as well.
  • A twice-monthly meeting is being considered as the chapter expands.

Progress reports from previous meetings were discussed.

  • Victory mentioned that a spreadsheet has been created, which is currently managed by @Nuel, to track projects needing contributions.
  • It was brought to mind that meetings for OSDA and OSD were also considered open source contributions.
  • We also talked about the upcoming GitHub webinar and the preparations to make the hacktoberfest event a success. There would be an open source workshop to teach new members how to contribute to open source.