About 'Usability reviews and research'

(Jan-Christoph Borchardt) #1

Usability testing, user research, expert reviews and related tools. If you are doing usability tests or user research for an open source project and need any help or reviewers, or have questions, please come in!

(Sam Tuke) #2

Anyone conducting usability testing (e.g. watching users navigate a software product and taking notes) using Open Source tools?

I saw an interesting description of using OBS Studio + infowriter plugin (cross platform) + nohboard plugin (windows only), which allows watching a user from multiple cameras, recording their key presses, and easily storing events with timestamps at given times (like flagging a problem or success). I believe it should work both locally (looking over the user’s shoulder, recording for reference), as well as remotely (giving instructions and streaming + recording the results).

That stack is all Open Source. See: https://www.quora.com/Are-there-any-open-source-usability-testing-tools/answer/Brad-Jensen-14

I tested it locally without the plugins and it was easy to use. I’d be interested to hear if others have used this.

(Sam Tuke) #3

Here’s another interesting tool. I was looking for Open Source apps for managing structured interviews for product research, e.g. to determine user needs during initial design or prototyping phases. You could use regular survey software, but this is limiting, and only LimeSurvey exists as a viable Open Source option AFAIK, and the usability of that app is, er, challenging.

Docassemble is a structured interview and report generation app made for lawyers. It’s primary use case is to automate certain kinds of legal advice, and generate signed, illustrated legal advice letters. There’s a commercial service using it at Documate, which bodes well for it’s long term sustainability. The features look right for product research interviews – apparently you can also monitor these live, and engage in real time chat with the user to step in where necessary.

Anyone used something like this for research before?