A New team for Nigeria

thanks Eriol for finally giving designers in Nigeria the opportunity to be a part of the Open source community.


yeah awesome
we are waiting

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Though I’m seeing this late
But thanks Eriol for the step ahead :tada:

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aye friends sorry for not dropping this here sooner! https://github.com/orgs/opensourcedesign/teams/nigeria

I think you need to give me your github username so I can add you to the Nigeria team :slight_smile:


Octateam is my GitHub username, can’t wait to be added to the team

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I finally found them, here is where i belong


this link reads 404 error, kindly check it out

Hi my GitHub user name is Nuel

Hey there! can you share with me your github username and I can add you to the Nigeria team :smiley:

Sent an invite to https://github.com/nuel :smiley:

Hi, please my GitHub username was changed to Nuel0

Sorry for any inconveniences caused

No worries! I’ve changed the invite to Nuel0 :smiley:

@Erioldoesdesign, here is [my GitHub profile] (https://github.com/frankiefab100)

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Kindly add me to the team. @digitalforus is my Github username. Link: https://github.com/digitalforus

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Request has been made!

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Please add me to the team @onifa1 is my GitHub username. thanks

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Okay, thank you so much

Hope I’m not late?
Here is my username https://github.com/olacodes1

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My username is VeeChukwuma.

Please add me to the Nigerian team.