Similar Organizations

There are other organizations supporting open design, design for open source applications or design for non-profit or grassroot projects. Here is a thread to collect these and maybe even to organize an outreach to them.

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On a mailinglist for designers/researchers, I came across “Design Gigs for Good”: »We’ve both noticed a growing interest in designers turning to social impact work, and organizations looking to grow their design capacity. This jobs list is designed to help accelerate all this goodness.« (source)

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Here’s some related organizations:

Know anything else @belenbarrospena @victoria-bondarchuk @evalica @bnvk @Incabell? :slight_smile:


I’d add also Mozilla, where we were inspired from OSD and took on similar processes via our GitHub repo:


definitely want to mention that my shop (m+mi works), although certainly not an agency, does do F/LOSS design—which I enjoy—with Metapolator as the latest, large example.

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Yep. This is great. Should be nicely featured on the website somewhere… ideally with a shiny icons for the given orgs / agencies and all :slight_smile: