[Sep 2–3, online] eLife Innovation Sprint 2020

The eLife Innovation Sprint, taking place Sep 2–3 online, is a collaborative event where we bring together developers, designers and researchers to develop open tech to redefine the ways we do and share science. :rocket:

At the event this year, our participants will be working on 15 projects, from open web platforms to improve diversity and inclusion in research, to algorithms accelerating research discovery and annotation. Many projects are looking for contributors with expertise in UX and design, ranging from behavioral analysis, UX architecture to conducting usability testing.

The eLife Sprint is a great opportunity to connect with a community passionate about open science, usability in research and research culture and to help drive forward a range of projects. At least 5 of the previous Sprint projects were further developed into functional products with support from eLife and other organisations such as the Wellcome Trust and the Mozilla Foundation.

We invite everyone to find out more and apply to participate by June 7: www.elifesci.org/sprint

Please don’t hesitate to contact me or email innovation [at] elifesciences [dot] org if you have any questions!