Request for a NYC sub-category in /Events/Local Meetups/


What do you think of creating a sub-category in events for NYC? We have this thread that is reaching 28 replies and where we keep adding the calls for the next events. Maybe it would fit better in a series of threads in their own sub category.

If you think this is useful, can an admin please move the thread in a folder named New York, NY, USA.

Thank you

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I’d be +1 with that. Would also welcome one for Tirana, Albania where we are doing quite a lot of stuff.

Sorry, only saw it now. Created the “New York”, “Tirana” and “Berlin” categories for events which are in those areas.

Unfortunately sub-sub-categories are not possible, so they are subcategories of Events.

I think that would be a bit confusing now that I am looking at it. Maybe we could have Events for general events OSD has presence and another category for Chapters which cities as subcategories. What do you think @core-group?

@elioqoshi what’s the specific confusion? It seems quite nice to have a local focus.

Say, events which are in New York are in the same category as the local meetings – and it will likely be the people from the local meetup who attend. So it makes sense to group these events by location. (Or say, if we would have a local meetup in Brussels, it would make sense to put FOSDEM and that in the same category as logistics-wise it makes sense to combine that (say if there’s something to be printed last-minute or a standing banner to be ordered, which makes more sense to store locally).

It doesn’t really make sense to me from an information architecture. There are local meetups but also specific city chapters on the same level of hierarchy although latter should be nested. Having the Summit and Conferences Subcategory beneath seems a bit like clutter to me.

Having a Local Meetups category on its own and city chapters as subcategories looks like a more elegant solution I’d say.