Part of the organization

How can I be a member of the organization. Is there any steps or guidelines to catch up?

Hi there Alen,

I recommend your first steps be joining the monthly community call it’s an open and welcoming space for all to discuss OSS + Design.

If you want to become part of the ‘core maintainer’ team at Open Source Design you can find out more info about what that means here: Open Source Design core team

Typically we follow this guide for invitations to core team:

Being in the core team is based on:

  • Amount of time being active in the collective. At least a year of activity in whichever way: event organization, code, forum activity, advocacy, etc.
  • Steady activity and engagement in the community.
  • History of good decisions and commitment to openness.
  • Other people of the core group having met them in person or having had a call with them and vouching for them.

If you have great ideas on how to improve open source design you don’t need to be part of the core team :smiley: we encourage folks to start conversations, projects, improvements, write articles, record videos, create resource and take on any useful work you might notice - you can always add pull requests to the github or suggest here on the forum :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: