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(Peace Ojemeh) #1

Open Source Community Africa is a diverse community of open source lovers, collaborating on different projects to make a difference across Africa.

This community Includes designers as well, that want to do more in the world of open source. We want to create a great platform for them to do so. We know that by doing that we need to work with an existing platform like OSD to make an extension of meetups and working environment. So, We are looking to collaborating with Open Source Design to enable designers in Africa to be close to the world of open source.

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(Sam Tuke) #2

I recommend contacting MEST (Meltwater Entrepreneurship School of Technology) to promote, and maybe support, this initiate and any events you have. I just got back from mentoring startups in Accra (independent of MEST) and the community there is crying out for open-source support. MEST has 3 African incubators and tens of software startups coming out of each, all of them using open source.

(evalica) #3

Hi Peace. Thanks for reaching out to OSD. I’m really glad to learn that your community exists.
I would love to have someone hold a talk at FOSDEM ( about the work you do.
Besides conferences, we have remote/local meetups, talk on the forum and supervise the Open Source Design Job Board. Let us know if you need any help.

(Peace Ojemeh) #4

great Sam! I will do that. thanks!

(Peace Ojemeh) #5

would be great! thanks Evalica.