Ommpfritt: semantic, procedural, non-destructive vector modelling

I guess people here like to experiment with new tools, so I thought to give a tip: GitHub - pasbi/ommpfritt: semantic, procedural, non-destructive vector modelling

Ommpfritt is a very interesting vector graphics tool created by Pascal Bies. Currently Pascal is working on a representation of geometry that is kind of like Figma’s vector networks.

Some snippets from the readme to whet your appetite:

Conceptually omm is a mix of traditional vector graphic editors (e.g., Inkscape ), CAD applications and (3D) modelling tools. Primary use case is creating, editing and rendering all sorts of animated and still graphics, diagrams, icons and drawings.

non-destructive, non-linear editing: properties of Objects, Tags, Styles and Tools can be accessed and modified at any time.

build complex reusable style cascades

Bounding box handle for object and point manipulation

Keyframe animation

programmable : every property can be controlled via embedded python scripting

visual node-based scripting alternative

Windows and Linux builds (appimage) are available

I encourage everyone to become a contibutor :slight_smile: I helped with feedback, feature requests and build workflow testing so far.