Jobs - Illustrator for AutSPACEs web plaform - citizen science project on autism

Role: Logo, desing and illustration

5 illustrations for web use, including:

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Hi I am available to work on this project with you


I hope you are doing great

I can help you with your requirement, I have 7+ years of experience

waiting for your response


I trust you’re doing splendidly!

After a meticulous review of your requirements, I’m confident I can assist you effectively. Let’s connect soon for an in-depth discussion.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

Hi all,

Thanks a lot for your interest, we are looking forward to be able to work with you. Apologies the post is not very well formatted (open PR to fix it).

Can you please send examples of your work and tell us about your experience in an email to me at If you have any lived experience of austism or neurodivergence please do let us know as well.

@AbidRozdar @Sunil15 @sub Hey I hope you all saw that Davsarper asked you all to reach out via email - so this is just a notification to remind y’all to do that if you haven’t already and are still interested in contributing to this OSS project.

Hello everyone,

Thanks to those who reached out. We will be closing this position for the time being due to this project phase ending, but it is an ongoing need of the project so we might publish again in the future.

Please do keep in touch with AutSPACEs as it is an open project that grows with participation.

Many thanks everyone and Open Source Design,

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