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Hi, pip

I’m Abishek Thangapandi from India. I’m a Designer. Let me try to create a logo for you. May I know your preferred time to complete this task? It will be easy for me to plan and allocate time.

Check out my LinkedIn and Dribbble account.

My mail id

Abishek Thangapandi

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@abishekshivan Have you seen the design brief? It is available here:

Are there any specific questions you have about the design brief? If so let us know here. Thanks!

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@ei8fdb I’m very clear with the design brief. My question is what is the timeline for this task. It will be easy for me to plan and allocate time.

@abishekshivan We’d like to have a number of logo options by 15th of February.

Sure @ei8fdb. I’ll give my best. I will definitely send you the logo and brand design. Thank you.

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Thanks @abishekshivan :+1:

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Hello @ei8fdb

We have +6 year of experience and can definitely assist you with your requirements.

Please let me know further details.

Looking forward to your response.

Best Regards
Troy W

@Troyw Welcome to the Open Source Design community! If you’re interested, drop by the Introductions thread to introduce yourself Introductions (come in, say hi)

About the pip logo posting, the requirements are all on the job posting:

The pip team would like to get submissions by the 15th of February.


Hi, Bernard

I have created a logo design for pip and sent you to the mail “”. Please take a look at the logo and let me know your comments.

Abishek Thangapandi

Hey Bernard,

I’ve sent some designs in (just scraping the deadline I know!). Really fun brief and great to have the survey information to inform the design. Thanks!

@ei8fdb kindly check your mail, i have submitted the pip brand identity
can we also submit here?

This is a good idea @isaaczara please do.

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Hi Benard,
You can check it out
It’s a detailed presentation of the proposed brand identity for “pip install”

The raw/editable files will be made available upon request.

Best Regards.

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@ei8fdb I just posted it

Hi Bernard

I have sent you the logo mail on Feb 11. Still, there is no reply. Please reply with something like “Thanks for the Logo, We will get back to you soon”. Because I personally work really hard on this. Not only me all the designers who contributed to open source are working hard. We are very happy to work with Open Source. But please, this is my kind request. Please do a reply in mail. :pray:

Thank you.

@Erioldoesdesign @ei8fdb

Hi all,

I’m posting my designs in here too, it’s interesting to see other people’s.

@isaaczara there’s a few similarities on ours! I’ve gone for similar colours and worked with a simplified snake symbol. I like how you’ve related yours to the python logo and down to details like the curved file corners. The different variations in colour and line and type is cool too.

@abishekshivan It would be cool to see yours too, but only if you want to share :slight_smile: I understand if you don’t want to make your work public.

Here’s mine:


Hi @ei8fdb, All

I’m posting my design. Share your thoughts. Thanks

Check my “pip Branding PDF” here :point_down:
pip-logo-branding.pdf - OneDrive (

Listing the Branding Images Here :point_down: