Jobs - Face-lifting: New design for Angular Material web application

Role: Web design

. Primary: A new design of the web app, mobile-friendly if easy to achieve: colors, menu design etc. . Secondary: Ideas to fill the landing page?

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Hey everyone! Just in case, I’m the contact person for this post. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Hi. Are you looking for a designer who creates a design for you, or somebody who turns his design into a working website (edits the html and css)?

Hi outwork, my preference would be to include creating/editing html + css files as well. However (in the worst case), I can also handle that part. Let me know if that’s only option that you can offer.

Hi Serkan! I sent you an email with the guidelines provided above. Would love to design this web app for you!



I wanted to give a quick update on this one.

After this post, we started working with Lama. Finalizing the design part took about two months, implementation took almost a month and recently we released the new version to live:

The tool still needs some work, especially without instructions it might be difficult to use the API but please feel free to try and give your feedback.

All in all, I’m really happy that I decided to post here, and now having this “pro design touch” on my app.

Thank you @lama_89 and thank you OSD!