Jobs - Design a Chameleon Outline for the openSUSE Conference

Role: Branding

Design an .svg outline of a new chameleon to be added to the openSUSE chameleon family. One that is black and white that can be colored in and, if interested, one that is colored in.

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Hey, how do you want me to send this file? Also let me know will it follow the same shape as the reference or are you looking up for a new one?

Hi @frenktico. You could email it to There is no need to follow the same shape as it’s more of a new design. Someone made something like this a few years back and there is the Alex and Geeko chameleons, but it’s pretty much a free expression of where you would want to go with it.

Hey @ddemaio could you be a little more specific as to what you’re looking for? A simple black and white outline of a chameleon? In case it is colored in, what colors do you plan on using? Where the usage of the chameleon will be. All of this will help me better understand what you want and I’ll be able to help you to the best of my abilities.

So we plan on having a black and white anti-stress drawing for the openSUSE Conference so that people can color it in. It’s part of the swag bag for the openSUSE Conference. A community member suggested the idea and sent a link as a type of example -

However, seeing that this could serve a dual purpose, I thought it better to have something that could be useful to the project more than just an anti-stress drawing. You might be familiar with the openSUSE Geeko logo

Most people associate that logo with the traditional distribution, which is now called Leap. Leap logo -

A few years ago, a community member made the Alex Geeko

Many people found that to be pretty cool and we try to associate it with Tumbleweed, which is our rolling distribution. TW logo -

We made stickers and T-Shirts and you can see how we also used it at

We recently started a distribution called Kubic -

Kubic’s logo is an EC Esher cube. Anyway, while all the distributions have logos, there are only two chameleons and we think it would be great to have a third that we could associate with Kubic. The usage would more than likely end up, besides the drawing, as a sticker and on t-shirts. There is a possibility that it could end up on a website or somewhere within the UI/UX as Kubic is in its infant stage. I can also use it for the conference T-Shirt. Colored in or outlined can work as you can see how we have an Alex outline -

We do have some branding guidelines as far as the colors are concerns, While people will color it in with different colors for the anti-stress drawing, the final coloring scheme of the chameleon would end up using a sequence of the colors in the branding guideline -

This topic is complete. Thank you for fulfilling this.

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