Introductions (come in, say hi)

Welcome @macruzbar! Great to have you here.

Good to hear, if you’ve used any resources that aren’t in our resources section please feel free to add.

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Hi, I’m Shaun. I’m a Front-end developer, in Perth Australia.

I stumbled upon this forum, and community just browsing through github, would like to learn more, also this link doesn’t seem to be working anymore


Wow, there’s a lot of new introductions here since the last time I checked here. (My bad).

Welcome everybody!

Now might be a good time to mention that our call for proposals for the Open Source Design devroom at FOSDEM in Brussels in 1st February is open.

If you have a talk about design in open source, an idea for a talk then submit it!

You can find out all the details on the CFP:

If you’ve got questions, let us know in the FOSDEM 2020 Open Source Design organisation thread.



I’m Pauline Léon, a member of a french informal collective, Tricoteuses (see also the introduction in the forum) working on free software and open data related to digital democracy. It started about a year ago but only recently created a UX team.

Our first task is to create a sensible user experience for the developers using the data sets published by tricoteuses. Although the web site already exists, it has no users. We started with intercept interviews (which is largely copy/pasted from @ei8fdb work on SecureDrop) with developers working with data sets to better understand them. The transcript of first interview was published and another should be published today.

As you will see if you visit the web site, most of the work and dialogue are in French, which is the primary reason why I did not post a message on this forum sooner. Although all participants of Tricoteuses can read and write English, most topics contain so many french words that it would require non-trivial translations. We felt it would create more confusion than clarity. And even if we manage to always get perfect translations, the data sets published by the French government are not in English and it would not make sense to translate them.

Despite this language barrier, I hope we can have interactions with the members of OSD and get advice on how to effectively leverage the UX methods within our project.


P.S. If you’re interested to know more about the name of the collective:


Hello everybody
I am Arivle, a freelance graphic design from Indonesia. Glad can find the community full of FLOSS designers all around the world. I knew this community from @jan , so, thank you very much.

I used to design caricature and any vector design. In Indonesia, I joined Gimpscape, a community of designers who using FLOSS (inkscape, krita, gimp, kdenlive). From the community, I started to learn to contribute to the open source event. GNOME Asia Summit 2019 in Gresik Indonesia was a great experience for me.

Very glad to know if you are want to invite me to make a collaboration work


Hi @paulineleon

Thanks for introducing yourself and the tricoteuses group, and for doing your design research in the open. This is fantastic to see :slight_smile:

I would be really interested in hearing more about it: why did you decide to do research with users, how are you going about it, the challenges you are facing, and how could other design researchers contribute to the process.

Would you consider submitting a presentation proposal to the Open Source Design devroom at FOSDEM to tell us all about it?

More details here

And if you have any questions about submitting to the devroom, please get in touch with me, @ei8fdb or @amit.lzkpa

Thanks!! :slight_smile:


Hi everybody !

My name is Julien Paris, I’m french, and I’m a developper (fullstack to say it briefly). I developped, a sort of an open source CMS for datavizualisation.

I am a self-taught developper, I have a degree of architect, I did research abroad in social sciences, but I found coding funnier. I love data, dataviz, UX, UI, APIs, open source, and open data of course.

I’m part of a little collective called co-demos :, and my source codes are also here :

I code mostly in Python and Javascript, and I tend to use/abuse of Flask, Pandas, MongoDB, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Flask RestPlus, and recently working on a project using FastAPI (Python) and ElasticSearch (for big data)…

I would like to find people interested in open source tools for open data’s datavisualization and valorization to work with, in Paris or remotely :slight_smile:


Hello everyone. I’m Eugene. I am a UI/UX designer and I’m really happy to be among awesome designers as yourselves. I hope I’m welcome.
I have been hearing of Open Source Design for a little while now and I will love to know what it is all about and how I can get involved in open source design


Hi Eugene!

You are most welcome. Thanks for joining. I’m curious what have you heard about open source? A good way to start might be by having a look at our jobs board - there are paid and gratis jobs there for designers who want to contribute to open source projects.

Do you have any particular interests? There’s probably a project somewhere. :slight_smile:

Also, if you are near Belguim, you might be interested in attending FOSDEM a free open source conference in February 1+2 next year. Open Source Design has a conference track all about design and open source.

I hope that helps. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Welcome @Eugene ! It’s super cool to have more folks here.

Like Bernard said, do you have particular interests? Skills you like to practice? type of OSS you’ve always wanted to contribute to?


Thanks for having me. As regards my interests, I love creating mobile UI designs but haven’t really gotten into the UX part of design and I would love delve into it and also I would like to contribute OSD by helping create mobile and web experiences where I can


Thanks a lot Bernard

Hi everyone!
I have recently graduated with a Computer Science degree but got passionate about design during my college days. Right now I spend most of my time learning UX and designing things. I always wanted to contribute to open source community since I learnt programming but never got the chance. I hope now that my design skills could be of some use to expand well designed open source products.

I am looking forward to learn and contribute from this community as much as I can.


Hi @shweta, Great to have you with us. Particularly in open source, being interested in programming and design is very helpful. If you look for any tasks, have a look at the job board

I @swetha, CodeUino community would love to have you on board. Introduce yourself on and we could have a discussion on how you could contribute.

Hello OSD,
Happy to join this community. I am a UX/Product designer who also has a thing for front-end coding and branding with 10+ years of experience. I am 35 years old and located in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Looking forward to contributing to Open Source Design projects. :grinning:


Hey all :globe_with_meridians:

My name’s Javi and I’m from Madrid although I currently live in Berlin. I’ve been working full-time on open source for over half a year since I joined a team that’s building tools for decentralized organizations on the Ethereum blockchain. I’m very excited about the role that progressively community-controlled governance plays in securing successful and long living organizations.

I’ve recently transitioned into a role where I’ve began to take larger responsibilities around coordinating sprints and product specifications with the rest of the team, but I still put a lot of thought and care into every pixel that goes on our interface designs and design system components :slight_smile:

I want to help open source projects compete with the design quality standards of proprietary software so that more people feel comfortable running open source software; exploring how to do so led me here! I’m available for a few hours per week and happy to explore new opportunities. I have specific experience in the areas of project management, fintech, voting software and decentralized apps, but I am open to exploring new fields as well.

Look forward to engaging more in this community!


Hi everyone, I’m David a designer with a background in graphics, type, and “interaction”. I spent a while working in research at the Royal College of Art, and at Microsoft Research in the UK. I started working full time on CryptPad in November, joining an existing team at XWiki in Paris (I work remotely from London though). CryptPad is a collaborative office suite that is open source and encrypted. My role involves improving user experience, and generally giving some design TLC to a product that has received none so far. I’m excited to join this community to discuss design and open source with you all. In addition to designing for open source projects, I’m particularly interested in how we design with open source tools.


Welcome @davidbenque! It was great meeting you at FOSDEM :slight_smile:


Hello everyone, I’m Divine, From the University of Nigeria, i basically do UI design. After listening to Eriol Fox @Erioldoesdesign at the OSCAFEST summit today in Lagos, I’m convinced OSD is my thing.
Nice Meeting you guys on this platform and I look forward to engaging more I this community.