How can we leverage UX design to make Open Source Software more LOVABLE?

Simplicity wins hearts. Loveable software is never overcomplicated.

We plan to carry out the UX research for OpenDxD in public and share the findings on this forum in the near future. The idea of OpenDxD, ‘The Dribbble+GitHub+ADPList of the Open Source UX Design World’, was inspired by an insightful interview with Máirín Duffy conducted by Pablo Ruiz-Múzquiz (Design and code in the first Open Chat with Penpot - Events and Announcements - Penpot Community). We would love to hear your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions. We are enthusiastic about making Open Source Software more lovable.

Here are some articles that might help us ‘code start’ our brainstorming on how to make Open Source Software more LOVABLE. Let’s co-create OpenDxD together!

Google admits Kubernetes container tech is too complex

UX Is Kubernetes’Biggest Short-Term Challenge

Defining a Different Kubernetes User Interface for the Next Decade

Design + Open Source: Lessons from a year of contributing to the Kubernetes project

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