First impressions (preview)

A preview of how the front page of the forum might appear after things become open to the public:

After dismissing the banner:

I posted edited versions of both shots to

So my question is if we can remove the “Suggested Topics” section when viewing a topic?

Done. I changed the number from 5 to 0.

It’s a useful feature, but not when there’s so little content. Nice catch.

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Another question: I see that you can only view the ‘Public Lounge’ if you are logged in. Can we open the forum in view mode to everyone? And demand registration only on creating / responding?

I think this would encourage people to create accounts if they can see the type of content we are discussing here.

Things are not quite ready for the doors to be thrown open to the public. Nearly there. My eagerness to throw things open is balanced with wishes for the best possible first impressions.

Yes. That is, I believe, the norm.

To make things as simple and streamlined as possible for OSD members: we should restore GitHub-based authentication.

The issue was resolved without difficulty around 17:55 UK time. Thanks to everyone concerned.

My apologies for the necessary disruption. Whilst disruption was undesirable, the resulting improvement – association with opensourcedesign when using GitHub to gain access – should be widely appreciated.

The Site maintenance banner for the affected period has been de-listed (it may be viewed at Site maintenance – please be patient but should not be found by searching).

What do you think needs to happen before making the site usable by the public? Do you want to archive or delete any specific threads? After talking it through with @bnvk and @jan I don’t think any of us would have an issue with anything specifically being removed.

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Personally, I’d love all early adopters to:

  1. be familiar with the contents of the hamburger menu (top, right) – within the menu, the word New might appear in more than one place
  2. read the guidelines

– collectively maximise the potential to be great ambassadresses and ambassadors.

Those two things will be truly lovely, but should not prevent a go-live. Neither one is a demand; both are friendly suggestions.

I invite Brennan or @studiospring to click the two admin boxes that will open the doors to the public.

Cool. I have made the site publicly viewable and open for sign ups. Hey @simonv3 @jan @evalica someone want to post this on the Twitter account?

@bnvk would you like to post there?

An announcement might include one sentence to explain why the logo here currently differs from the logo at … at your discretion. Personally I think it will not be needed (too meta).

@grahamperrin I think the site simply being open to the public will be explanatory enough.


Newcomers can only mention 2 users? Can we please get rid of this? @bnvk can you look into that?

I’m not opposed to easing the default restrictions; additionally I suggest looking to Discourse Meta for rationales.

As far as I recall, when I hit that restriction at a site elsewhere, it naturally ended very quickly.

@grahamperrin @bnvk why was my post above – First impressions (preview) – flagged as »off-topic« and thus hidden? It was a direct reply to @bnvk’s point above:

I also agree with @elioqoshi to please get rid of the restriction that newcomers can only mention 2 users.

@jan sorry, immediately after the flag there was what I thought was a private message to you. I later realised that either (a) the system did not message you; or (b) rushed movement of things caused your name to be removed from the conversation (that certainly was not my intention).

Fixed; I remade the message. Awaiting your acknowledgement there.

The system did message me. I do not take issue with the message.

I do think however that flagging a post like this and subsequently hiding it is a wrong way to run a community, and we never ever deleted any post by any other person. Ever.
Because that’s not how we roll. It’s a collective run by everyone, not by single people deciding what goes in which topic. It’s built by all of us.

Hence I’d ask you to please display the post back again.

(If it sounds aggressive please be aware that this is not my intention, however I and some other core Open Source Design people – we are all volunteers – are putting a lot of time into resolving this discussion about doing things in public. Energy that could be more productively spent on driving things forward. Together.)

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Please observe what I respectfully suggested in the message, can you make that simple edition? Bear in mind, the suggestion is to decrease the likelihood of occurrences of what concerned you.

You flagged my post which was a perfectly normal remark as part of the discussion and as a result it got hidden/censored. That’s not in accordance with the open community we aim to run.

I will not reply to the private message you sent me about it – again, because there’s no reason to keep this private.

OK @elioqoshi I have changed the preference from 2, to 10. Thanks to folks Discourse Meta community for outstanding support (spot-on guidance within two minutes).

10 is, by default, the maximum, and can be more relaxed. @discourse please, what number might you recommend for a community such as this?

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