Downloading a copy of the logs for #opensourcedesign from before its shutdown?

From what I can tell, #opensourcedesign on freenode has been logged by since February 2015. Here’s a screenshot from


Please note that the header now says “ will be shut down on November 5th, 2018. Read our blog post for more information.” Here’s a screenshot of the blog post:


The blog post says that channel operators are invited to download a copy of the logs. Should we preserve the logs somewhere on ?

I’m not sure of the value of keeping uncurated logs.

If someone wants to go through them and extract valuable action points, or do improvements to the website or other parts based on that then simply go for it. :slight_smile:

But generally the IRC channel is just for chat, and I don’t really expect anyone to read through all that? (That’s a big reason we also have this forum as it allows for better topic-based discussion.)

But what does everyone think?

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