Creative Commons Community Activity Fund

I was excited to hear Creative Commons has recently launched their Community Activity Fund:

The Community Activities Fund is a mini-grant program aimed at supporting individuals and communities pursuing activities aligned with the network values and principles stated on the new Creative Commons Global Network Strategy. These grants are meant to provide quick, practical-level support for activities, projects, and events done by supporters and advocates of Creative Commons – from kickstarting projects, facilitating travel and mentorships, to supporting the organization of CC-themed events around the globe.

We’re looking to help fund salons, campaigns, translations, e-books, printing, collaborations, and more. Need the funds for something small and impactful? This fund is for you.

Basic information about the Fund:

  • Anyone can apply. We’d love to support projects from any individuals, teams, or organizations advancing the mission and work of CC.
  • There’s a maximum amount, not minimum. The maximum amount that one can request per project is USD 1000. There is no minimum.
  • Light and fast procedure. The applications will be reviewed weekly and feedback relayed within 2 weeks of application.
  • Language. Applications can be sent in English, Spanish, French or Arabic.
  • Criteria. We support projects that help grow the global commons and foster the benefits of openness around the world at the local level. This fund is aimed to support efforts at country, city or community level to advance into the Creative Commons mission, providing support for activities.

Application and reporting process
To apply, please fill out this application form. You will receive feedback within 2 weeks of your application.

The reporting process is important, but we are keeping it lightweight – all we ask for are a brief narrative report and the minimum requirement of making your project outputs available under CC BY.

If you have any questions or clarification requests, please email Simeon Oriko, CC Network Manager, at or do it in our #general channel at the CC Slack. You can also post on the #creativecommons IRC channel, just connect via Freenode.

I think this is a great opportunity to apply for funding for the OSD Summit. Generally, this seems suitable for travel support for OSD Members to get to OSD Events as well. Being this light weight and flexible, I think we should give this a go. What do you think?