3D web-design

Hey I’m a newcomer but I think I can and want to start a project in web-design field.

Maybe naive but I think in 2023 - 3D design in browser still like a something for “elite”…
Possible to simplify popular elements of 2D web-design and make examples in 3D for using it like a we use classical layout elements.

I draft a little presentation for this idea:

t is

Plz share your comments and ideas about and plz feel free to distinguish(and laughing)) my naive mind

P.S. if someone interesting in this project like a contibuting/participating - we can coordinate in this thread 🎨
P.P.S. maybe I can post here updates of project also 🖌️

Hey, @bazylevnik0.

Affordable in-browser 3d is something that Spline, Sketchfab, Vectary and others are doing today. Is this something similar to what you had in mind?

Thanks for links @kotsky , sure Sketchfab just a 3D viewer, I am speak about functionality, maybe Spline direction(I will look, for inspiration hehe). I see it like the HTML Elements .Like a open-source library of common elements(and non-profit sure).

It is possible to make with canvas element some back-end and for designers give a tool like a:
1.insert canvas element to html with id
2.call in js function for example “create_3D_button(canvas_id,caller,size,color,rotation)”

ah also in first post of the thread i forget links to used illustrations in presentation:
*it was just for vizualization the idea, sorry if copyrights violated

NEWS NEWS NEWS :slight_smile:
guys - i made the very raw prototype but it must works, you can test it in your browser

*it is just a simple 3D button, with opportunity to use with your functions, and basic rotations.
**yep i know look not very good, but it is really 3D element - now i am going to work with cameras and etc.

for better understanding: changed colors

One more week - and I only yet with button, heh.
But now buttons is supporting text:

I started deep developing branch(really just folder in github) and it now have some differences in technology with the concept in start, it is not so easy how I thought)

Started working on bar-lines chart implementations, still looks ugly - but works

*it is also will be in canvas element, also transparent and configurable

And really problem - when you code then you do not have time for beauty design :mending_heart:

Some updates:
The project still live, finished 3D button and 3D graph, sure possible to add in web pages , but it is very raw.

I created wiki-documentation: Home · bazylevnik0/3Delements-source Wiki · GitHub

and issues Issues · bazylevnik0/3Delements-source · GitHub

*issues about style, I mean I want to make now just the functional, but I think it can be in different design implementations, because - different sites, apps = different styles.

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I finished, a viewer element for the library, now possible to add 3D objects from url, just with creating one a simple object. Screencast from 2023 06 16 14 44 56 - YouTube

I take some break, because interested in some technology(parallel project), but will return for iterate this to the beauty(issues(for proposals) for someone who interest in this project’s design in repo)).

I mean now completed 3 basic elements, and it need testing, and beatify(stylizations, etc).
*after in plans sure maybe possible to think about new elements.

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