What's up with Job Postings?

My intent was to just do 2-3 of these as a type of rough user study and then write up a simple report. If we agree that this first, exploratory step is worth while, then something much simpler would work: e.g. the OSD person would just reach out via email and setup an appointment directly.

Of course, if it turns out this is really valuable, then we’d operationalize it. But baby steps first.

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That makes sense re. a user study limited to see how it goes. Perhaps we can sync up and I can let you know which postings have indicated they’re still interested in getting a contribution but need/want some support? or we could trial with new postings if you prefer?

This is your site, happy to follow your lead. What’s the best way to sync up?

Sorry for the late response! I’ll drop you a DM and we can find a time to chat!