Searchable Linkable Open Public Indexed (SLOPI) communication ("sloppy") for design teams

How do design teams for open source projects communicate what’s going on this week or this month?

The Dataverse design team has a Trello board for to communicate what’s “in flight” at

As of this writing, cards advance across this board in the following order:

  1. Backlog
  2. Discovery
  3. UX & UI Design
  4. Design Development and QA
  5. Done

Here’s a screenshot to give you an idea of what I’m talking about:

Do other projects have something similar?

I’m holding up the Dataverse Trello board as an example of Searchable Linkable Open Public Indexed (SLOPI) communication. I pronounce it “sloppy” and in a spreadsheet linked from I’m attempting to gather other examples.

XWiki has a page at and if you click “Status” you can filter by “Active” which is sort of what I mean. What’s active? What is the design team working on right now? Or will be working on next week? That’s what I’m wondering. Here’s a screenshot.


Nextcloud has a page at and suggests checking out the design label on GitHub.

Again, I’m particularly interested in communication, about how various teams for an open source project communicates what they’re working on that month and how it’s going. I hope this makes sense! Please check out my spreadsheet and that new repo for the SLOPI idea in general! Thanks!

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The closet my team has is the research section in

But since we do not always have ongoing projects, the “Current” section is also often empty.

Since we embedded our designers recently into product teams, their mode of reporting is now the same as the different product teams, mainly via phabricator (which is sadly rather dev-focussed)

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