Jobs - UI design and usability testing for Alerta web console

Role: interaction design , ui design , usability testing , user research

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Hello there,

I am interested in exploring this task.

As a start, i need some clarification:

  1. Recruitment: Would you have a source to recruit the users for this usability testing scope ?
    In general, the target users of this application should be available for a designer to write the test tasks and administer the tests.

  2. Testing Tools: Do we intend to free tools for managing the testing session ? Generally, we need to capture the audio / video / screen while a user is performing the test.

  3. Scope: Does this only include Usability Testing and reporting the findings OR does it also include to suggest fixes in UX/UI of the application further to the Usability Testing ?

  4. Daily Tasks of Target users: In order to create an administer the test, i will need to know some description of the target users, their daily roles, their context of use. This is must so we can appropriately test the app in context.

Waiting for a revert.