Jobs - Hospitalized patient management module mockups

Role: 'Healthcare', 'UX', 'UI'

Mockups and a desire to do good in the developing world.

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Hi Matthew, I see this post is from way back in December 2017, but the job sounded interested so I went ahead and sent you an email.

A bit about me: I’m a global health tech researcher and use ethnography and design thinking to humanize complex health problems, particularly in clinical medical settings. I recently finished a similar project evaluating Kaiser Permanente’s clinical library system where I worked with their IT and UX team to improve clinician use of clinical information.

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Hi @Rachel.Ceasar, I’ve been going through our jobs postings and saw your message.

Can you tell me if you managed to contribute to the OpenEMR project?


Hello. I am supporting OpenEMR installations, and I created an Inpatient module. There is an online demo available, ask me for admin credentials.
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