Jobs — Forem and MediaWiki implementation for a non-profit community of Creactivists

Project Name: Forem-MediaWiki-implementation

Project Website:

Compensation: Gratis/ Pro Bono/ Volunteer

Job description: Wabi-Sabi Critical Climate Creatives is a non-profit community of creactivists (people who are both creatives and activists) part of the Degrowth movement and pushing for a post-capitalist society, through events, workshops, community building and hands-on actionable projects.

Following the Do-ocracy and sociocratic principles inspired by hackerspaces like Noisebridge, we want our platform to be collaborative, transparent, open sourced. After some research, we have identified 2 tools that are relevant to our use cases:

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • identify that these tools are not overlapping each other
  • identify how they can be implemented on our existing website (Wordpress): e.g. how the back end would work with people signing up
  • proceed with the implementation
    Read more from our Kanban


  • you have already implemented these tools before and can provide examples

Looking forward to your application.

Deliverables: website implementation

Contact Person: @sophiakc

Relevant Links: Call for Support, Website