Internet Freedom User Research in Berlin 23.-26. April

Dear all!

The awesome and talented Yasmina López (Simply Secure’s OTF Fellow) is in Berlin this week to conduct user research of designers and developers in the internet freedom community.

The goal of this conversation is to understand your needs, motivations and concerns while working, and try to improve the work processes by using service design methods.

If you would like to contribute 1.5 hours of your time this week (before Thursday), please get in touch with her! Your help would be very much appreciated. Her e-mail:

o/ Eileen
Program Manager | | twitter: @bumblblu


Hi @bumbleblue,

In the SecureDrop project we conduct interviews to better understand how journalists relate to digital tools to protect their sources. It would be awesome to have access to the transcript of the interviews you conduct, for the benefit or our user research.

Would that be possible?

Hi there!
I’ll see what I can do. I should emphasise though that we didn’t interview any journalists for this short project. If you want some resources on conducting user research, I invite you to browse our Knowledge Base ( There are also some good personas that you can use to get started on designing for digital security, for example
Hope that helps!

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