Idea 1: State of Design in your community


  • Each panel member represents a particular community/project (XWiki, Wikimedia, Nextcloud, etc.)
  • We ask questions about Design topics and how they are represented, executed, etc. in that particular community
  • Each question will provide several answers and the public can interact and respond, representing their own community
  • Examples:
    • How often do you do usability testing? for each issue, periodically, once per major version, etc.
    • What types of accessibility compliance your community enforces? (wcag, wai-aria, section 508, etc., no idea, no accessibility compliance)
    • On average, how many design iterations are made for a particular proposal? until agreement, max 3 versions, first-come-first-served, etc.
    • What is the size of your Design team? no team, 1 person, 1-5, 5-10, etc. OR Do you have dedicated researchers inside the team?
    • Other possible topics for questions: target representation, style guides, design system, heuristics, focus group, psychology reviews, usability reports, team size, interdisciplinary component, responsiveness, on-boarding elements etc. :slight_smile: I would need to see how many questions we can ask in the available time frame and decide on topics that would have diverse and relevant answers from the represented communities.